Corporate Social Responsibilty at Etxeplas

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Etxeplas we are convinced that, in order to grow as a company, our workers, customers, suppliers and the community around us must grow with us. That is why we are committed to acting responsibly and making a positive contribution to our local community:

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is underpinned by three pillars:

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Sustainable development

We make every effort to minimise the impact of our activities on our environment. That is why, for many years now, we have been following a responsible waste management policy with the assistance of the specialised company Biltzaile Berriak.


Cooperation among companies

Cooperation among companies Anaip, the association association plastics transformation industry for the past 60 years, promoting a more suitable use of plastics and improving the quality of life in our society, with the maximum respect for the environment.

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Promoting cultural activities

We believe that promoting culture is essential to progress and, out of all the possible disciplines, we have chosen one of the most universal ones because we love it: music. We are friends of the Orfeón Donostiarra, Spain’s most important choral group, with more than 120 years of history and over 200 recordings to its name; it has performed with the most internationally renowned orchestras.

At Etxeplas we feel proud of these efforts and plan to continue expanding and improving our collaboration with different entities and associations in the future.