We carry out personalisation projects for plastic items

Personalisation: products conceived and created for your company

Advice and project assessment

After the initial contact and listening to your requirements, we advise you. We then assess the project and propose the best solution.

Assessing the project together

Industrial design for all kinds of packaging

You don’t have a design department? You don’t know how to put down your ideas in a sketch or transfer it to the different media? We will do it for you!

Selection of samples and materials

We will show you the various design and material samples for you to choose from. We will then prepare a budget and determine the lead times, delivery dates, etc.

Carrying out a design

Dies and electrodes: tooling

We make the die (mould) according to the design selected by you. Using silkscreen printing techniques, we transfer your design to a plate and then to a screen so it can be printed on the required surface.

Die and electrode storeroom: tooling

Digital printing, silkscreen printing and marking

We personalise your product using the technique best suited to the selected materials and the desired result.

– Digital Printing

This can be done by inkjet or laser printing

– Industrial Silkscreen Printing and Marking

We are experts in industrial silkscreen printing. We have been using and perfecting this technique for 52 years so you can do the best advertising for your brand or company.

We offer a broad range of marking options in one or multiple colours and a wide range of mesh sizes and designs.

– Finish Options

You can select the type of finish: gloss, matt or goffered plastic coating; gloss or matt UV varnish; or gold and silver heat stamping.

Silkscreen printing screens

Production and Delivery

We make the agreed quantity of products, placing special care to ensure the highest finishing quality standards.

As soon as your order is ready, we deliver it to you.

A van delivering products