We work with PVC, vinyl, leather and many other materials

We work with a wide range of carefully selected materials

We make all kinds of personalised items and packages in the following materials:


It is the kind of plastic we use most, owing to its unequalled versatility. It is essentially made up of vinyl chloride molecules.


Polypropylene is another material present in plentiful quantities in our warehouse. It is a versatile polymer that fulfils a twofold function: as a plastic and as a fibre. We use it as a plastic to make packages.


The vinyl we use is a highly versatile plastic derivative, usually in the form of a white material, and it provides very good electrical resistance.


It is the polymer with the simplest chemical structure. It is one of the most common plastics owing to its low price and simple manufacturing process.

Natural and Synthetic Leather

Cow’s leather is one of the types we use most. Considered high-quality leather and extremely versatile, it is the type used by Etxeplas to manufacture leather products. It is stiffer than other leathers, such as goat’s leather, and is quite resistant.


We use cardboard essentially to manufacture packages and packagings. It is generally made up of three or five layers of paper. The two outer layers are flat and the single or multiple inner layers are corrugated, conferring great mechanical strength to the structure. But we use any kind of cardboard, depending on the product requirements.

Examples of  Etxeplas material samplers

We deliver top-quality results, and if you require printing or marking on other types of material, ask us and we will advise you free of charge.

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