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Trade Name: Etxeplas

Registered Address: Florida Auzoa, 146 – 2.° dcha, C.P. 20120 Hernani (Gipuzkoa)

Corporate Tax Identity (VAT) Number: B20924452

Telephone: +34 943 33 24 08

Fax: +34 943 21 63 00


Company Registration: Register of Companies of Guipúzcoa.

Domain name:


PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L., as the entity responsible for the website, makes the present document available to users in compliance with the obligations set forth in Law 34/2002, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), as well as for the purpose of advising all website users of the terms and conditions of use of the website.
Any person visiting this website assumes the role of user, and undertakes to strictly observe and comply with the provisions set forth herein, as well as any other legal provisons that may apply.

PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. reserves the right to change any kind of information whatsoever appearing on the website without prior notice to users and shall not be obliged to advise users of such changes, other than by posting them on the website.


PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. shall not be held liable in any respect for the information posted on its website whenever such information has been tampered with or entered by a third party external to the organisation. The PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. website may use cookies (small information files that the server sends to the computer of the person visiting the page) to perform certain functions considered essential for the proper performance and viewing of the website. The cookies used on this website are temporary and have the sole purpose of enhancing subsequent transmission and will disappear when the user session ends. The cookies will in no case be used to collect personal information.

From this website you may be redirected to content from third-party websites. Given that PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. will not always be able to control the content posted by third parties on their websites, it assumes no liability for such content. In any event, PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. hereby undertakes to promptly remove any content potentially infringing national or international laws or contrary to moral principles or public order, by promptly removing the link redirecting A22to such website, and report the content involved to the competent authorities.
This website has been inspected and tested to verify its proper operation. In principle, its proper operation can be guaranteed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. does not rule out the possibility of certain programming errors, or the occurrence of force majeure events, natural disasters, industrial action or similar developments rendering access to the website impossible.

Personal Data Protection

The service provider is fully committed to compliance with the Spanish laws on personal data protection, and guarantees full compliance with its obligations, as well as the implementation of the security measures provided for in Article 9 of Law 15/1999, on Personal Data Protection (LOPD) and its Implementing Regulations.

PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. hereby makes available to users the organisation’s Privacy Policy, advising users of the following aspects:

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The website, including but not limited to its programming, editing, compilation and other elements required for its operation, designs, logos, text and/or graphics, is the property of PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. or otherwise it holds a license or express authorisation from the authors of such elements. All the website content is duly protected by industrial and intellectual property laws. Regardless of the intended purposes, any reproduction in full or in part, use, exploitation, distribution or marketing shall in all cases require prior written consent from PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. Any use without the provider’s prior consent shall be deemed a serious infringment of the author’s intellectual or industrial property rights.
Any designs, logos, text and/or graphics not owned by PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. appearing on the website belong to their respective owners, who will be answerable in the event of any controversy arising in relation to them. In any event the provider has prior express authorisation to use them from their respective owners.

PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. acknowledges the respective owners’ industrial and intellectual property rigthts over the content involved and mere reference to them or their appearance on the webiste shall not imply any liablity for them on the provider’s part, nor any endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by the provider.

If you wish to make any observation regarding any potential infringment of intellectual or industrial property rights or on any of the content of the website, you may do so by writing to the following email address:


The parties agree that any disputes or issues relating to the present website or to the activities carried out on it shall be settled in accordance with the laws of Spain, and any disputes arising from its use shall be settled by the Courts of the city of San Sebastián.

Trade Name: Etxeplas
Registered Address: Florida Auzoa, 146 – 2.° dcha, C.P. 20120 Hernani (Gipuzkoa)
Corporate Tax Identification Number: B20924452
Telephone +34 943 33 24 08
Fax: +34 943 21 63 00
Company Registration: Register of Companies of Guipúzcoa.
Domain name:


PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. hereby advises you that any personal data you may provide through this website, as well as any further data provided in the future in the course of your legal relationship with this entity shall be incorporated to the data record files owned by PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L., whose company details are indicated above.

Such files are kept for purposes of management, administration, providing the services or products requested for you, and, where applicable, ensuring the performance of any agreements entered into, learning more about your tastes, adapting the services to your preferences, offering you new services or products, and sending you information relating to the activities of PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. by any means, including electronic means. The recipients of the information collected shall be mainly the employees of PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L.

Excepting those fields where it is expressly indicated otherwise by means of an asterisk (*), the replies to the questions about personal data are voluntary and failure to reply to such questions shall not affect the quality of the services requested by you. Failure to enter data in the fields designated as mandatory or the provision of incorrect data would render PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. unable to provide the services or products requested by you.

Your consent to the processing of your personal data may be withdrawn at any time by writing to PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. at the postal address provided above or by email at

As a user you hereby attest to and shall be answerable for the accuracy, currency and truthfulness of the personal data provided by you and undertake to keep them suitably up to date.


Any individual that has provided their personal data to PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. may exercise free of charge their rights of access, rectification, erasure and objection over the data incorporated to the record files kept by PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L.

Given the confidential nature of this information, you may not exercise your rights by means of a telephone conversation and must send the relevant request by any means providing proof of sending, enclosing a copy of your Spanish National Identity Document or equivalent proof of identity.

Data subjects may exercise their rights by writing to PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. at the postal address provided above or by email at

PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. hereby advises you that it has in place the technical and organisational security measures required to ensure the security of your personal data and prevent their alteration, loss or unauthorised processing and/or access, to the extent allowed by the current state of technology, the nature of the data stored, and the risks to which they are exposed, whether they originate from human activities or from the physical or natural environment.

Users should be aware that security measures on the Internet are not fully invulnerable and that PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or other malicious code capable of causing alterations in the users’ computer systems (software and hardware).


“Cookies” are a tool used by Web servers to store and retrieve information about users.

“Cookies” are messages sent by the server to the user, consisting in text files stored in the user’s computer memory, which collect information on the web pages visited, Internet connection times, etc. These “cookies” are re-sent to the server every time the user enters that page.

The purpose of the “cookies” used by PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. is to personalise the services we offer, providing information that may be of interest to you. If you do not wish a cookie to be installed on your hard drive you may change the browser settings on your computer to disable them. However, please note that in such case the website’s performance may be impaired.

“Cookies” are only associated with an anonymous user and with your computer, and do not by themselves provide the customer’s personal data, nor read data on your hard drive or read cookie files created by other suppliers.

“Logs” are files stored on the PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. server which record data on your browsing habits and allow us to continue providing the services requested by you. They also help us to analyse the performance of the system, detect any issues or problems and remedy them in the shortest possible time.


PLÁSTICOS ALTA FRECUENCIA S.L. reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy at its own discretion or as a result of a change in the competent Data Protection Authority’s doctrine, or in the applicable laws or caselaw. Any change in the Privacy Policy shall be published prior to its effective implementation. The use of the Website subsequent to such changes shall imply their acceptance.

Any dispute arising from the use of this website shall be governed, construed and settled in accordance with the laws of Spain.