Graphic design, industrial sikscreen printing and industrial stamping

Third-Party-Services: specialisation to fit your needs

Industrial graphic design

Industrial Graphic Design

Industrial design is a discipline focusing on the creation and development of industrial products. We have an in-house design team to assist our clients in developing the best packaging for their products.

Industrial silkscreen printing

Industrial Silkscreen Printing

This is a printing method that allows an image to be reproduced on different kinds of materials without any loss of quality regardless of the number of copies. We have the best silkscreening specialist to personalise the printing jobs entrusted to us.

Die section

Industrial Stamping

This involves the precision cutting of sheets of different materials (plastic, leather, cardboard, paper, etc.) It is one of the main operations we carry out in the package manufacturing process.

Handling one of the sleeves


We do product handling as an outsourced provider, including the following services: bagging, labelling, sachet packing, shrink wrapping, etc.