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Design and Manufacture:

  • Do you design your marking artwork yourselves or do you work to designs supplied by customers?

    We have an in-house design team and we also work to designs provided by customers.

  • What is the maximum size required for a marking?

    The maximum size is given by the product size.

  • What manufacturing materials do you use?

    We can adapt to all kinds of materials, but the most frequently used ones include:
    Low-density polyethylene
    Natural and synthetic leather
    Ask us about all the Materials we can work with.

  • Does a specific die or electrode need to be made for each design or can they be reused?

    We have our own dies and electrodes; but we will also create specific ones if required. All manufacturing elements are reusable.

  • What is the minimum manufacturing quantity?

    We don’t have any minimum production requirements (subject to exceptions).

  • I would like to do a marking or personalise a product or package that is not featured in your brochure, can you do it?

    We probably can. Our brochure does not feature all our products on the market, only a representative sample. We make all the products to measure, according to the requirements of each customer as regards format and materials. So feel free to ask us, as we will most probably be able to help you.

  • I have many customers that require large quantities of merchandising items, personalised stationery, etc. on a regular basis. ¿Can you take care of that?

    Of course we can. Ask us

  • What is the durability of the products or how long is the product warranty period?

    Our products are manufactured with the best materials available at any time. During the initial advisory stage we usually indicate the durability of each material.

Working procedure

  • How should documents be provided?

    Ideally they should be provided in vector file or pdf format.

  • What is the work process?

    To view all the steps of the process go to the Services section.

  • Do you have product samples available?

    We generally don’t have samples, as we don’t keep a stock of product. Besides, at Etxeplas we make 100% bespoke products, subject to strict confidentiality.

  • Is all your production made at the Hernani plant?

    All our products are 100% manufactured at our facilities. We like to retain control over the entire value chain so we can provide the highest quality standards to our customers, which is why we do not outsource any of the tasks.

Lead times and business hours:

  • What is the standard lead and delivery time?

    This is usually 15 working days from the date of approval of the order. However, we also offer a 48h express service. Look up the terms here.

  • What are your business hours?

    Monday to Thursday from 7:00 to 18:30 and Fridays from 7:00 to 13:00.

  • How and where are products delivered?

    Wherever you want. The products are shipped using transport companies to the location designated by you. You can also pick up the finished product at our facility.

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