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About our company

Etxeplas is a company engaging in the manufacture of all kinds of items in PVC and other materials. It was founded by José Ignacio Goicoechea in 1959 with an international outlook, and since then we have grown and evolved to become an industry leader operating across Europe.

We currently have a great professional team that is fully committed to meeting our customers’ requirements. We give full priority to design and quality above all else. That is why we do not outsource any of our services, thereby controlling the entire value chain for our products. We do not keep a stock of product either, since we consider every job to be unique and we offer exclusive bespoke solutions.

Photo of Etxeplas team

We have been customers of Etxeplas for many years and, as leading players in our industry with an international presence, we need to surround ourselves with suppliers who meet consistent quality and service standards.

All our feedback is positive: the quality of their products, which lend an image to our packaged end product (in our case), their customer service, their swift response capability, and their flexible manufacturing and close personal relationship, which makes addressing any need or new project so much easier and faster.

I can assure you that having them as a supplier is an assurance that they will provide realistic and feasible proposals and options, offering consistent quality standards and continuous improvement, swift sampling processes, immediate response to any urgent need, always at competitive prices in line with the market. I can only be grateful for their Know How, Quality and Service, from my position as Packaging Manager of the company I represent.

Raquel, Packaging Manager


Would you like to know how we work?

We take a simple, practical approach to our work, which makes the execution of our projects easier.

We follow the following steps:



We advise you

Don’t know where to start and need help? Need to create a personalised plastic product and don’t know how to go about it?
We advise you

Looking to personalise a plastic sleeve/case or package and don’t know which technique to use?
Tell us about your idea.


We propose the best solution

Based on your requirements and expectations, we propose the most suitable solution at the best possible price.


We develop the product

We make the product to the highest quality standards and according to the agreed design, lead time, quantity and other specifications.


We deliver the product

If required, we have a delivery service for special orders.

We are committed to new technologies and advances in our industry.

Thanks to our more than 50 years’ experience, we can offer innovative design solutions to our customers, thereby ensuring their full satisfaction on each project, always meeting the technical requirements and delivery dates.